Kukkiwon UK office situation

We have been informed by Kukkiwon and BT that they have signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) to run a Kukkiwon office in the UK. Although the details have not yet been finalised it could result that BT have exclusive rights to control the Kukkiwon certificate applications for the UK. This could result in BT having access to some of our members personal information.

The UKTDC have raised their concerns with Kukkiwon and BT as it will affect all independent masters in the UK. The UKTDC will continue to our discussions with Kukkiwon and BT to establish further information and how this will affect us. We have also spoken with a number of independent Kukkiwon masters and some inside BT who have concerns about this MOU.

Alternative certification option

If we do find ourselves at some point in the future unable to apply for Kukkiwon certificates we do have the option to apply for Dan certification from the Kwans (Founding Kukkiwon Taekwondo schools) in Korea, significantly the Chungdokwan. We have direct contact with Chungdokwan in Korea and 2 Chungdokwan 9th Dans and one Chungdokwan 8th Dan in the UKTDC. We also have strong connections with other Kwan senior Masters and Grandmasters in the UK.