What can we offer?

The UKTDC is an organisation of which we are very proud with strong values based on quality and authenticity, having direct access to the Kukkiwon and Chungdokwan in Korea for training, education and certification. We also have some of the highest ranked Masters and Grandmasters in the country who can assist our member clubs and instructors.

We have quite an advanced online membership system which allows clubs to log in and add their new members which automatically charges their specified account. This is highly beneficial and quick for clubs as they are able to download and print off their licence slips each month, it also saves a lot of time and effort for the organisation officers rather than processing memberships old manual way. The system also automatically provides a monthly electronic membership and renewal list to the NGB.

Registered clubs can access the membership system from the following link

The old paper form can be found here


As a member organisation of the National Governing Body we can obtain very good insurance cover both member to member and Professional Indemnity, plus have access to the NGB safeguarding and instructor training, and other courses. Instructors MUST do the instructors course to obtain insurance which we source through the BTC and is a condition of membership.

Who can join

Any Kukkiwon / WT style club can become a member of the UKTDC. Instructors should make contact by emailing or calling the General Secretary on 07533321536.