Discontinuation of Kukkiwon Membership Website

Announcement on the Discontinuation of the Kukkiwon Website Memberships and Disposal of Personal Information Due to Launch of Next Generation Taekwondo Platform, T-con

The poom and dan-related service from the Kukkiwon website has been transferred to a next generation Taekwondo platform called T-con on June 20, 2022.

The Kukkiwon website will no longer provide poom and dan-related service and memberships to the website shall be discontinued according to Article 10 (Discontinuation of Services and Announcement on Service Discontinuation) of the Terms and Conditions of Membership.

Also, personal information of the membership shall be disposed of according to Article 21 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

The Kukkiwon website has been collecting personal information and providing service by obtaining consent to collect and use personal information from the members as below.

The personal information items of the members of the Kukkiwon website shall be disposed of on August 14, 2022.