Seat on the board

The British Taekwondo Council are in the process of going through some required structural changes and improved development to facilitate continued funding and recognition. This will not affect the BTC operations but will see a different hierarchical structure and representation. With increasing membership and already being a full member of the BTC, the UKTDC are expecting to be given a seat on the new governing board of the BTC and will be represented by secretary General Grandmaster Christopher Davies who is our current representative at the BTC meetings.

Grandmaster Davies 8th Dan Kukkiwon and 9th Dan Chungdokwan is well qualified to represent the UKTDC on the National Governing Body as he has many years of practice, study and achievement as a foundation of knowledge and guidance.

Your representative

Grandmaster Davies attained his 1st Dan in 1978 and his CV reads as follows:

2008 – Commendation from president of Kukkiwon
2009 – Class 3 at Kukkiwon 16th Foreign Instructors Course for masters
2009 – Inducted as a full member of the World Taekwondo Leaders Forum in Korea
2009 – Attained 7th Dan whilst at Kukkiwon in Korea
2010 – Represented Great Britain at the Kukkiwon Hanmadang opening Ceremony in Korea
2010 – Represented Great Britain at the official Kukkiwon KOMS inauguration ceremony in Korea
2010 – Appointed by Kukkiwon President as member of the Kukkiwon Cooperation Committee
2010 – UnLtd Social Entrepreneur award for promoting Taekwondo to over 50’s
2011 – Appointed by Kukkiwon as an Advisory Board Member for the UK
2011 – Special meal in Grandmaster Davies honour at the Airforce base in Seoul by Brigadier General S. W. Lee
2011 – South Gloucestershire Sport Personal Achievement award
2012 – Training camp at Sun Moon University in Chungcheong Namdo
2012 – 2nd World Taekwondo Leaders Forum in Korea
2014 – Attended Kukkiwon with a number of other instructors for their Foreign Instructor Course in Korea
2014 – Awarded 8th Dan Chung Do Kwan by Grand Master Woon Kyu Uhm in Korea
2015 – Class 2 Kukkiwon Poom / Dan examiner course taken in Vienna.
2017 – Inducted in to the Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame in New York.
2018 – Attained Chungdokwan 9th Dan by Grand Master Park Hae Man
2018 – Chung Do Kwan summer training at Goseong-gun, Korea
2018– Attained Kukkiwon 8th Dan, testing at Kukkiwon in Korea

Grand Master Davies has studied under many great Masters and Grand Masters

Master Thomas Yau
Grand Master Fred Lee
Grand Master Lee Kwan Young
Grand Master Hong Li Ooi
Grand Master Kim Yong Ho
Master Han You Geun (2 times world Champion)
Grand Master Ko Eui Min
Grand Master Pan Sim Woon
Grand Master In Sik Hwang
Grand Master Lee Kyu Hyung
Grand Master Myung Sam Chang (Olympic gold medallist)
Grand Master Jae Jin Kang
Grand Master Ki Ok Gwak
Grand Master Jeon Beom Park
Grand Master Huisong Mun
Grand Master Byoung Ho Lee
Grand Master ByeongHyun Shin