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Rumours around UKTDC joining British Taekwondo

The UKTDC has held productive meetings and discussions around joining British Taekwondo for the goal of unifying UK Taekwondo, but before UKTDC would join BT, we would request feedback and ratification by the UKTDC membership before any final decision regarding joining BT is made. Currently "WE are NOT BT members".

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Dan gradings for UKTDC masters and clubs

UKTDC policy is to allow Kukkiwon 6th Dan holders and above (or Kukkiwon 5th Dan with a Kukkiwon International Master Instructor Licence) the ability to conduct their own dan gradings. You apply directly to the Kukkiwon for your own Dan certificates for your students too.

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UKTDC supports multi-organisation anti-bullying effort

UKTDC officially announces its official support for a multi-organisation effort to help stamp out bullying by instructors offering one month's free training to anyone that has been a victim of bullying.

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Merry Christmas

The UKTDC executive committee wishes all its members a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year for 2016.

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Kukkiwon Dan Examiner Course in Vienna details

For those of our members and the European Taekwondo community that are attending the Dan/Poom Examiner Course in Vienna, Austria, we've done some research on transport and hotels.

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Major Seminar Tour of the UK

Grandmaster Kim Yong Ho along with other specialists are planning their next tour of the UK in late October or early November 2015, more details to be posted on the dates/costs when they are released.

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BTC Instructor Course Paperwork

We are still waiting on required information from some of the instructor course attendees, and don't forget to send your DBS certificate to the verifier when it arrives.

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Instructor Indemnities

All instructor indemnities expire at the end of March, so please ensure you get your renewal form in before then

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Kukkiwon Confirms UKTDC Can Issue Dan Rank

The UKTDC would like to inform its members that in relation to the recent ETU statement regarding Kukkiwon certification we can confirm that the UKTDC which has a very close relationship with Kukkiwon will continue to supply Kukkiwon certification to our members, this has been confirmed to us by Kukkiwon this morning.

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UKTDC's Successful Black Belt Seminar

Sunday the 15th of February saw the UKTDC technical department hold a pre-black belt grading seminar at the UKTDC National training centre. Over 45 red and black belts attended the seminar, which cover the requirements for Dan promotion in line with UKTDC / Kukkiwon policy. This included, basics, self defence, 1 step sparring and poomsae.

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The UK Taekwondo Development Council is all about knowledge, experience and guidance, but most importantly about our members.

The UK Taekwondo Development Council are proud to support Sainsbury's Active Kids and have to date conducted a large number of sessions in schools throughout the UK.