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Hapkido workship with GM Julian Lim

Saturday, 10 November 2018 9am - Sunday, 11 November 2018 5pm

City of London Academy, Islington, London


These sessions are designed to assist in globally bench marking both HoSinSul and HapKiDo Skills and Knowledge for Instructors against 2 of the leading martial art authorities in Korea. These institutions are:

International HoSinSul Federation (IHF) 국제호신술연합회

Korea KiDo Association (KIDO) (Hapkido) (World's oldest Korean Martial Arts association since 1963) 대한기도회 (합기도)

This program aspires to promote better HoSinSul leaders to help raise the standards of HoSinSul globally via their leadership. It aims to inculcate a benchmark for HoSinSul Skills and Knowledge for Instructors and Assistant Instructors as well as raising the HoSinSul instructing ability levels (both actual and potential) of participants to those accepted in Korea by the International HoSinSul Federation (IHF). Existing Martial Art and Martial Sport Instructors could have an option of being able to promote and run additional or supplementary classes in addition to their core classes that focus on practical and efficient HoSinSul.

Participants will be exposed to benchmarked levels of HoSinsul HSS Skills and Knowledge of premier Korean KMA associations: IHF, KiDo, KHF and even the previous Korea HapKiDo Association (KHA, under Grand Master or GM HWANG Duk-Kyu), Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan and Korea World Tukkong Mosool - Special Forces Martial Arts (KWTA). The Program is fully sanctioned and endorsed by the International HoSinSul Federation (IHF), and is currently NOT available anywhere else outside of Korea. Participants who successfully complete the course will each be given a Certificate of Participation.

Those requiring (IHF) Instructor Qualification (need to declare their intentions prior to starting the Program) can apply for said Qualification providing they comply with the Qualification conditions. It allows all qualified graduates an opportunity to have a direct link and linage (strongly recommended for Taekwondo, Hapkido, Yudo, practitioners) to one of premier HoSinSul bodies in Korea (if they currently do not possess such a link). Qualified graduates can them promote their own “blend” or sub-brand of HSS e.g. HapKi HSS or TaeKwon HSS etc.) to special or niche classes while still enjoying the support of the International HoSinSul Federation (IHF).

£ 150.00 (Public) Before 10th Oct 2018

£ 180.00 (Public) On Door

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