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UKTDC clubs achieve double-Clubmark


Dragon Martial Arts Achieves Double-Clubmark Under UKTDC and BTC

UKTDC Clubs in Hambleton and Singleton are the first UKTDC clubs to be awarded Clubmark status, the certificates were presented to Club Instructor, Master Stephanie Raynor by the BTC Clubmark officer Mr Kevin Beddows.

Clubmark is Sport England's certification process to ensure that a club provides the right environment which ensures the welfare of members and encourages everyone to enjoy sport and stay involved throughout their lives. An accredited club is recognised as a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all ages as well as helping parents and carers know that they're choosing the right club for their young people.

The UKTDC Chairman was also in attendance to congratulate Stephanie and to award Kukkiwon certificates to recent successful dan candidates.

Andy Jeffries, the UKTDC IT, Publicity and Marketing Director caught up with Stephanie to ask her a few questions about this recent achievement:

UKTDC: Hi Master Steph Raynor, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today, could you please introduce yourself, your experience history and a little bit about your clubs.

SR: Hi Andy, I'm 5th Dan Black belt and started taekwondo 20 years ago now. I reached black belt at around 10 years old and was an Assistant Instructor within my Club for several years. After running a small club for children on the Autistic spectrum at a local charity, I took over Hambleton Taekwondo Club about 4 years ago and then opened a new club in Singleton 2 years ago. I have a Foundation Degree in Working with Young People in the Community through Blackpool and the Fylde College as well as an NVQ in Martial Arts Sports Coaching through Preston College, both of which have helped me in the clubs.

UKTDC: You're the first club in the UKTDC to receive Sport England's Clubmark accreditation (and managed it with two of your clubs), could you tell us a bit about your experience with the application/approval process and any tips you have on how others could achieve it.

SR: The application was pretty straight forward, I just completed a form for each club and sent it off to BTC Clubmark Officers and they sent a pack with all of the standards. Then it's a case of putting a portfolio together with evidence of how your club meets all of the required standards. The BTC Clubmark Officers were really supportive and answered any questions that we had and checked over our portfolios before they were submitted to the London office for assessment.

UKTDC: What do you feel was the most difficult part of the process. Is there anything Sport England could do to make the process easier?

SR: So long as you follow the guidance and seek support then it's not too bad, especially if you already have the requirements in place.

UKTDC: What made you decide to apply for Clubmark accreditation in the first place and how do you feel it will benefit your club?

SR: Master Lynette Ross (5th Dan), a Senior Instructor in our club, applied for Clubmark a few years back and had a lot of problems trying to do it through our local Council; as applications can now be submitted through the BTC we decided to complete and resubmit our application. Now that we can advertise that we have Clubmark it will show our students and parents that they are part of a club that's well put together with all the right underlying policies in place. We feel it's reassuring for anyone interested in learning Taekwondo that our clubs are accredited and that we will take the time to work with students to help them achieve.

UKTDC: What's next for you in Taekwondo in the UK? Are you aiming for any more qualifications/accreditations?

SR: We know that we will be checked every year by the BTC to ensure that we are maintaining our standards so I think for now we will continue to build on our hard work.

UKTDC: Thanks for taking the time, we wish you the best of luck for the future with your clubs.

If you want to know more about Stephanie's club, you can get in touch with her on 07807 661040 or via her website at www.dragonmartialartsuk.com. Hambleton Taekwondo meets on a Wednesday at Hambleton Parish Church Hall, and Singleton meets on a Thursday at Singleton Village Hall. They take children from 5 years old and upwards as well as adults and offer a free first lesson.

For more information on achieving Clubmark for your Taekwondo club, or to discuss joining UKTDC please contact our Chairman Nigel Hudson. If you run a club in the UKTDC and have interesting news about your club, please send it to the UKTDC Press Office.

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