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Rumours around UKTDC joining British Taekwondo

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NOTICE TO ALL UKTDC MEMBERS: It has come to the attention of the UKTDC Executive Committee that there are many rumours circulating the Taekwondo fraternity to the effect that UKTDC has now joined BT (British Taekwondo). The following is an official statement from the UKTDC EC:

"The UKTDC EC, including its Chairman Master Nigel Hudson, has recently held in-depth discussions with the BT CEO and Chair with regard to attempting to create a way for the UKTDC to reintegrate its WTF practising members into BT, to try to help in unifying Taekwondo in the United Kingdom. However as things stand at this moment, we have failed to agree on some key Kukkiwon issues and as such discussions are still ongoing. UKTDC considers Kukkiwon ideals and values for Taekwondo to be a core part of our organisation, and we welcome new clubs and members. We have the highest number of Kukkiwon Certified Poom/Dan Examiners of any UK organisation."

The UKTDC will of course request feedback and ratification by the UKTDC membership before any final decision regarding joining BT is made, which for the avoidance of doubt currently means "WE are NOT BT members".

The UK Taekwondo Development Council is all about knowledge, experience and guidance, but most importantly about our members.

The UK Taekwondo Development Council are proud to support Sainsbury's Active Kids and have to date conducted a large number of sessions in schools throughout the UK.