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Positive Discussions

On Sunday representatives from 3 large organisations had
positive discussions and to help the Student Taekwondo
BSTF host their biggest ever event with over 600 entries.

From left to right: Master Chris Davies, UKTDC Secretary
General. Master Mehdi Mirza President of the BSTF and
Master Seelan Rengasamy Chairman of Taekwondo
England. — with Seelan Rengasamy and Mehdi Mirza.

Busy Weekend for UKTDC.

This weekend was a very busy for the UKTDC with representation by Master Craig Waddington, Master Nigel Hudson and students in the north of the country. At the Master Kim Yong Ho Seminar in Darlington on 8th March followed by the Kim Chung Do Kwan Competition on 9th March.

In the south of the country Master Chris Davies and his members attended the BTC Touch Gloves event to encourage girls in to Taekwondo held at Cabot Circus in Bristol on 8th March. On 9th March Master Davies attended and helped at the BSTF National Championships with his members and meeting with the BSTF and Taekwondo England representatives.

Official UKTDC Kup certificates

You can now order fantastic new UKTDC kup grade certificates from the Chairman or the General Secretary.

These new style certificates are very stylish and colourful to give you a professional image and valued award for your students who pass their kup belts.

Get in touch to order your certificates today. Costs based on quantity.


Kukkiwon Demo Team coming to Blackpool

The Official Kukkiwon Demonstration team will be attending the Kukkiwon Technical Championships in Blackpool on Sunday 8th December 2013.

The event will consist of 1-2-1 sparring, Poomsae, Flying Kick events and 1 step sparring.

It is hoped that a Poomsae course taken by the Kukkiwon will be arranged for Monday Evening, possibly in the Manchester or Liverpool areas.

For further information email or  

Aaron Cook folows with another win at the Costa Rica Open

Following on from the Pan Am win Aaron Cook goes on to win again in Costa Rica. Beating Venezuela 9- 1, Jamaca 8-6 and Venezuela 16-2 in the finals. He was also awarded the Best Fighter title.

Aaron Cook wins Gold at Pan American open in Mexico

After a disappointing World Championships Aaron Cook from IOM storms back to win gold at the Pan American Open in Mexico and also takes the top award for Best Fighter.

This gives him 10 world ranking points and 5 Rio points.

The UKTDC would like to congratulate both Aaron and his brother and coach Luke on a fantastic result.

Ashurst Meeting Room could become a Taekwondo national centre of excellence

Skelmersdale Taekwondo Academy announced as
preferred partner for Ashurst Meeting Room

Ashurst Meeting Room will become a Taekwondo
national centre of excellence after West Lancashire
Borough Council named a local organisation as the
candidate to take over the facility.

Skelmersdale Taekwondo Academy /UKTDC has been named by
the Council as the preferred partner to take on the future
operation and management of the meeting room on
Lyndhurst in Skelmersdale.

The Academy, of which Nigel Hudson is the founder has
been in operation in Skelmersdale for more than 25 years
and hired various facilities, including Ashurst meeting
Room. It acquired Pennylands Meeting Room from the
Council in 2002 as a dedicated training centre.

Nigel is also founder and Chairperson of the UK Taekwondo
Development Council. It is now confirmed that the meeting rooms
will become a National Centre of Excellence for
Taekwondo instructor training, grading and accreditation.

The Taekwondo Development Council is a national body
with over 80 clubs within the U.K and is recognised by UK
Sport and Sport England.

Councillor Ian Grant, Leader of West Lancashire Borough
Council, said: “I would like to thank all the community
organisations who expressed an interest in taking over
the management of Ashurst Meeting Rooms. The proposal
from Skelmersdale Taekwondo Academy /UKTDC to turn the
building into a national centre of excellence sounds very
exciting and the Council is looking forward to working
with the organisation.”

The transfer of Ashurst Meeting Room to a community
organisation was agreed by Council in October 2012.

Council staff interviewed four worthy candidates to find
the preferred partner for the facility.

The Skelmersdale Taekwondo Academy want to continue
to use their base at the Pennylands Meeting Room and
the building is also offered for use by other community

The proposal for Ashurst Meeting Room is to continue to
use the building in its current format encouraging
community use by working in partnership with the
taekwondo centre at Pennylands and the Taekwondo
Development Council.

The Council intends to transfer the full management of
the Ashurst Meeting Room to the Skelmersdale
Taekwondo Academy under a long term lease agreement.
Council officers will now work with the academy in
achieving this.
The centre will transfer ownership in Nov 2013, The Skelmersdale academy and UKTDC will also look to offer office space to the UK National Governing body for Taekwondo who are the British Taekwondo council

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Access to Daedo TK-Strike electronic body protector

UKTDC have now purchased thehref="" targer="new"> Daedo
electronic body protector (EBP) and
scoring system as used at London 2012;

more sets are to be ordered shortly.

This will
add to the value and experience of UKTDC competitions
and provide an opportunity for our players to practice
with this


Master Chris Davies is seen here
with some of his electronic armour and Olympian Aaron

UKTDC Shop now open for business

The UKTDC Executive are pleased to announce that our new
web shop is now live and open for all your Taekwondo
needs, with low cost orders receiving free p&p

please recommend the site to all your friends and students

BSTF championships - Working together

The British Student Taekwondo Federation National Championships took place on the weekend of 2nd/3rd March 2013 in Banbury.  The event had over 450 entries from Universities across the country with a number of groups coming together to support the event.

The BSTF National Championships was attended and supported by the UKTDC, Taekwondo England, Taekwondo Scotland and other groups.  A class fighters fought using the Daedo electronic PSS system.

Photo: UKTDC Secretary Chris Davies and TKD England Vice Chairman John Harrison

Bristol Taekwondo Festival a huge success

Bristol Taekwondo Festival held on 24 February in a brand new £4 million sports centre proved to be a huge success with players coming from across the country.  We would like to thank those that attended as competitors and officials as well as the organisers.

Appointed Kukkiwon Advisory Members

UKTDC master Chris Davies 7th Dan has been appointed by the Kukkiwon as a Kukkiwon Advisory Member. Other appointed Masters in the UK are Master Keith Evans 7th Dan and Grandmaster Tony Vohra 8th Dan.

Advisory members are to act as a conduit between the Kukkiwon and their international communities, promoting Kukkiwon and Taekwondo. This appointment strengthens even further the excellent relationship that the UKTDC has with the Kukkiwon.

first 5 KOMS Clubs

5 clubs which include 3 from the UKTDC have just become the first 5 clubs in the UK to be awarded KOMS (Kukkiwon Overseas Membership System) status. The awardees attended the briefing session, ceremony and dinner held at the Ramada Seoul Hotel in Korea.  They were awarded their official plaques with certificates and the new Kukkiwon flag by the new Kukkiwon President Kang Won-Sik  

Once more the UKTDC are at the forefront of Taekwondo progress through the Kukkiwon the world Taekwondo headquaters.
Master Chris Davies was requested to represent Europe at the cake cutting ceremony which was a huge honour for the UK

UK Anti-Doping Procedures Guide

The UKTDC are happy to adopt the policies and procedures as stated in the UK Anti-doping procedures guide

Taekwondo Review

UKTDC representatives Chris Davies, Nigel Hudson and Joel Lavery will be visiting UK Sport offices in London on 17th December for a further round of discussions relating to the UK Sport review of Taekwondo.


UKTDC would like to congratulate the 17 candidates who attended and passed the UKTDC sport referee and corner judges course held on Sunday the 24th May,

The course presented by UKTDC referee co-ordinator Master Keith Evans 6th Dan,was attended by several high ranking Kukkiwon masters including,
Grandmaster Tony Vohra 8th Dan, Master Craig Waddington 7th Dan, and UKTDC Chairman Master Nigel Hudson, the course would include the new amendments to the rules has both GM Vohra and Master Evans recently completed the refresher course held in China



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