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Welcome to the UK Taekwondo Development Council


The UK Taekwondo Development Council (UKTDC) is a National organisation for Kukkiwon Taekwondo which is fully committed to the development of Taekwondo from grass roots to elite levels in sparring, patterns and all aspects of the Martial Art. Our ranks comprise of many Kukkiwon qualified masters up to 8th Dan Grandmaster to provide you with all the necessary training, education and qualifications you will need. We are successfully reaching out to many instructors and students who have found the UKTDC to be the preferred organisation to enable them to succeed and progress through our training, qualification and education programs.

Kukkiwon Dan rank certification is one of the requirements for athletes who wish to participate in officially sanctioned WTF events. UKTDC is an organisation accredited to offer Kukkiwon certification to its members and are registered with the World Taekwondo Headquarters.

Latest News

Tkd national assembly

Kukkiwon President Lee Dong-sup Asks Cooperation to the Chairman of the National Assembly

National Assembly - At 11 am on Friday, February 26, Kukkiwon President Lee is explaining about the pending issues including renovation of outdated facilities to the Chairman of the National Assembly Park Byeong-Seug and National Assembly member Hong Moon-pyo (the President of the Member of the National Assembly Taekwondo Federation).

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COVID-19 guidance issued by the UK and Devolved Administrations

COVID-19 guidance issued by the UK and Devolved Administrations

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8th and 9th dan candidates with kukkiwon president 5

UKTDC General Secretary test for Kukkiwon 8th Dan

UKTDC General Secretary Christopher Davies completed the mandatory Kukkiwon 5 hour training and test for his Kukkiwon 8th Dan while in Korea in July 2018 after attending the Chung Do Kwan annual camp.

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UKTDC Online Membership System

The UKTDC uses an online membership system for instructors to register and pay for new and to renew membership of the UKTDC

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Rumours around UKTDC joining British Taekwondo

The UKTDC has held productive meetings and discussions around joining British Taekwondo for the goal of unifying UK Taekwondo, but before UKTDC would join BT, we would request feedback and ratification by the UKTDC membership before any final decision regarding joining BT is made. Currently "WE are NOT BT members".

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The UK Taekwondo Development Council is all about knowledge, experience and guidance, but most importantly about our members.

The UK Taekwondo Development Council are proud to support Sainsbury's Active Kids and have to date conducted a large number of sessions in schools throughout the UK.